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Health Factory Okinawa Minerals

Health Factory Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals


Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals is a complete composition of more than 70 essential and ionic minerals and trace minerals.

- 100% Pure, No Additives
- Non Toxic
- In dark violet glass bottle

Health Factory Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals is a complete composition of more than 70 essential and ionic minerals and trace minerals. It includes calcium and magnesium at the natural ratio of the human body.

Why Buy Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals?

It is the most pure and natural mineral and trace element supplement from the Sango coral of Okinawa Island, near Japan. It is the only coral which has the mineral content and proportions nearly identical to that of the human bone. Surgeons around the world are even using this coral for bone transplants.

Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals have a proven biological availability of 80% in 20 minutes. It is non-toxic and comes in dark violet glass bottles to protect against decay from light.

The calcium compound is used to supplement a difficiency of minerals and trace minerals. Additionally it’s used in case of bone decalcification and after injuries of the bones.

Nutritional Information

3 grams of Health Factory Okinawa Sea Coral Minerals contains the following minerals and trace minerals:

Calcium: 684 mg (86% ADH), Magnesium: 330 mg (88% ADH), Natrium: 1 mg (0,05% ADH), Phosphor: 0,4 mg (0.06% ADH), Potassium: 0,15 mg (0,07% ADH), Iron: 0,1 mg (0,7% ADH), Aluminium: 84 mcg, Manganese: 19,5 mcg (1% ADH), Titanium: 15 mcg, Chromium: 9 mcg (22,5% ADH), Iodine: 4,2 mcg (2,8% ADH), Lithium: 3,6 mcg, Barium: 2,7 mcg, Nickel: 2,4 mcg, Copper: 1,5 mcg (0,2% ADH), Zirconium: 1,5 mcg, Zinc: 1,5 mcg (0,02% ADH), Vanadium: 1,2 mcg, Arsenicum: 0,75 mcg, Hafnium: 0,6 mcg, Selenium: 0,6 mcg, Yttrium: 0,6 mcg, Cobalt: 0,9 mcg, Beryllium: 0,6 mcg, Mercury: 0,6 mcg, Platinum: 0,6 mcg, Gold: 0,3 mcg, Bismuth: 0,3 mcg, Lead: 0,3 mcg, Molybdenum: 0,3 mcg (0,6%ADH), Niobium: 0,3 mcg, Palladium: 0,3 mcg, Rubidium: 0,3 mcg, Rhenium: 0,3 mcg, Rhodium: 0,3 mcg, Ruthenium: 0,3 mcg, Tellurium: 0,3 mcg, Thorium: 0,3 mcg, Cadmium: 0,18 mcg, Casium: 0,15 mcg, Dysprosium: 0,15 mcg, Erbium: 0,15 mcg, Europium: 0,15 mcg, Gallium: 0,15 mcg, Gadolinium: 0,15 mcg, Germanium: 0,15 mcg, Holmium: 0,15 mcg, Indium: 0,15 mcg, Iridium: 0,15 mcg, Lutetium: 0,15 mcg, Neodymium: 0,15 mcg, Praseodymium: 0,15 mcg, Antimony: 0,15 mcg, Samarium: 0,15 mcg, Tantalum: 0,15 mcg, Terbium: 0,15 mcg, Thallium: 0,15 mcg, Ytterbium: 0,15 mcg, Silver: 0,15 mcg.

* Percentage of the daily recommended dosage as determined by the appropriate laws.

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