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Brand: Ancient Purity
AncientPurity Fulvic Acid

Ancient Purity Fulvic Acid Minerals, 50ml



Fulvic Acid minerals occur naturally in all soil and contains all the original life-giving, healing and protective qualities from all plants and other species that have ever lived on earth.

- 100% Natural
- Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans.
- Made from Non-GMO ingredients.

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Fulvic Acid occurs naturally in all soil and contains all the original life-giving, healing and protective qualities from all plants and other species that have ever lived on earth.

All life, all the DNA and RNA from every life form, eventually becomes Fulvic Minerals - containing all the rare earths, trace minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients, and countless other elements that gave the original life forms their power. Fulvic Minerals are the ultimate product to remedy a world where natural good health is commonly compromised. Fulvic Acid is the most complex compound known to man.

As modern food is minerally depleted, you probably are as well. Re-mineralise and re-energise both body and mind with these remarkable, naturally occurring organic minerals. A healthy body requires minerals or it will eventually become diseased. Designed by nature not by a chemist, the ultimate detoxifier.

Why Fulvic Acid?

- Feeds the body the minerals missing in modern soil and foods.
- Stimulates and balances cells, creating optimum growth and replication conditions.
- May increases energy levels.
- Intensifies the metabolism of proteins, RNA, and DNA.
- Boosts concentration and mental clarity.
- Fulvic Acids act as specific cell sensitizing agents and enhance the permeability of the cell membrane.
- Magnifies the effect of herbal teas and tinctures.
- Helps repair, regenerate and restore cells (including skin and nails).
- Can maintains optimum alkalinity (pH) levels.
- Enhances availability of nutrients, making them more readily absorbable.
- Increases the activity of several enzymes including alkaline phosphates, transaminase and invertase.
- One of the finest natural electrolytes known to man.
- Helps balance hormones along with the thyroid and thymus glands.
- May give a sense of well-being and a feeling of comfort in the body.
- Until recently Fulvic Acid was not generally recognized for its amazing health-giving abilities, however it has been extensively proven in China for many years. Fulvic Acid Minerals contains compounds not present in normal mineral supplements, acting as a chelator toward unwanted calcium deposits, and a protector against toxic heavy metals as well as improving brain function.

Fulvic Acid can balance and energise cell life. Its biological properties work upon contact and with the very first application it begins a healing and restorative process. Acting as a free radical "scavenger", Fulvic Acid supplies vital electrolytes, enhances and transports nutrients, catalyzes enzyme reactions, increases assimilation, stimulates metabolism, and chelates and changes inorganic minerals into organically complex minerals. It modifies the damage of toxic compounds such as heavy metals and free radicals and it increases the permeability for digestive, circulatory and cell membranes.

Fulvic Acid appears to cause the genetic mechanism of plants to function at a higher level. It has been concluded that any means by which plant cells are exposed to Fulvic Acid can improve growth. Oxygen is absorbed more intensely in the presence of Fulvic Acid - it aids it in penetrating roots and then quickly transports it to the shoots of plants. Fulvic Acid relieves oxygen deficiency and increases the vital activity of cells. Fulvic Acids change the pattern of the metabolism of carbohydrates, resulting in an accumulation of soluble sugars. These soluble sugars increase the pressure of osmosis inside the cell wall and enable plants to withstand wilting. Fulvic Acid enhances growth and may stimulate the immune system.


Fulvic and Humic Acid Complex, with trace minerals elements, amino acids, and rare earths. Naturally extracted from the world's richest ancient living source.
Manufactured in the USA


Adults: Serving size: 7 drops (or as instructed by a health professional)
Servings per container: 124

Must be taken in non-chlorinated and non-fluoridated water. A standard Brita filter will filter most of the chlorine out - however only distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or use of a special fluoride filter can filter out fluoride if your water supply is fluoridated. A quality bottled water without fluoride can be safely used. Best consumed by drinking through a straw to avoid contact with teeth (consistent daily use may eventually cause slight staining).

Suitable For:

Vegans & Vegetarians.

Made with Non-GMO ingredients.


Container: Glass Dropper Bottle (50ml).

Keep in a cool dry place, keep out of reach of children.

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